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Residential Treatment – Children & Adolescents

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About this Service

In our Residential Treatment program, children and adolescents benefit from a therapeutic environment where they learn to manage their behavioral health challenges and are set up for future success. Our program places children and teens in one location to receive educational, medical, and psychiatric services. A multi-disciplinary team works closely together with the child and family to provide comprehensive assistance as they heal together. Residential Treatment provides enough time and distance from their regular environment to promote, support, and guide the child and his or her family to learn new healthy behavior patterns.

Services Provided in Residential Care

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Substance abuse management
  • Medication management by our in-house physicians
  • Structured, recreational activities
  • Nursing and paraprofessional services 24 hours a day
  • State Department of Education approved, on-campus schooling
  • Food and nutrition services (led by a wellness committee)
  • Wrap-around services
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When social and emotional challenges arise, it is easy to think healing and recovery from trauma are impossible. Our goal is to help you navigate life's challenges and equip you to become the healthiest version of yourself you can be. We are committed to providing solutions that help you and your family thrive by providing compassionate care.

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